Walking & digging


View of the tail end of the march crossing the Victoria St bridge from SouthBank.

Today we walked in the heat with thousands of others. It was a sedate, mostly quiet, almost sombre yet friendly affair. Easily the biggest march I’ve seen in Brisbane since the ‘NoWar’  event in ’02. I was pleased we made it. We did not in truth complete the whole walk. When we made it to southbank we stopped to grab ice cream and go to bathrooms. By the time we were done the throng was so far ahead that catching them was futile. We walked back over the Victoria St bridge. Rejoining the same section of the march we had started with. It was an odd and it must be said a pretty undisruptive route taken. Cohesion as always is an issue for the left. Every girl and their dog is out to represent their personal issue,  whether Trotskyism,  veganism,  socialist alternative or Labor. This is all very well but imagine how much more effective 7+ thousand people all in black would be. The image would stick in a way the motley crew that is the usual assortment at a march simply doesn’t.

This morning I also attended what will be L’s last circus lesson for some time. Next week we have a showcase performance. Beyond that it will be practice with me only.

This afternoon my father and I dug a hole. More about that another day. Now with a full belly and good company to keep I’m signing off for the night.

-This post was written from my phone.




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