Light shade

The end of reporting is in sight.

Tonight I share my Great dodecahedron light shade design.

Great dodecahedron lightshade

Completed over 2 years ago.
I was just last weekend struck with an idea for how to easily close the bottom opening in such a way that it would still be easy, when necessary to change the bulb.

I’ve yet to find a satisfactory way to make the joins without the fold shadow, other than 3D printing anyway. 

Great dodecahedron lightshade

Also note I’ve swapped to Flikr embeds in preference to Instagram. As with all things Fbook related Instagram has a developed a bit of a reek of puritanical distaste to it.
#Freethenipple being but one example. 


Here’s a video I’ve seen freebooted more than once:

Keeping it short and sweet tonight.



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