A spectre, an illustrator and a mobile

Sounds like the beginning to a joke right… I got nothing.

Listen and enjoy peculiar beautiful visuals.

I found out that an artist/illustrator who’s work I’ve used extensively in lessons is making an appearance at Where The Wild Things Are tomorrow evening.

I’m planning to attend and perhaps even make a frivolous purchase.

Ken robinson quote

Gavin Aung Than of Zen Pencils.

Tonight, thanks to the gracious baby sitting skills of a colleague N and I were able to go to the cinema and see Spectre. Classicly formulaic Bond, at times thrilling, at times very cheesy. The plot, spoiler warning, largely revolves around the bad guy failing to kill 007 in ever larger and more elaborate set pieces. Lots of fun to get out of the house and spend an evening like social adults.

Reporting continues, I’ll do some calligraphy if I can still keep my eyes open when I get to the bottom of the maths assessment pile.


We were given this mobile among the many baby gifts. I liked the idea but found the execution lacking, so I made my own. I like mine better, it also had a large rubber band winding mechanism and I have considered trying to put a salable kit together.


Edit: Removed the dodgy .gif as it is not playing properly and I have neither time nor energy to try and repair it tonight.

Lastly, tonight I found one of the wife’s guilty pleasures left open among the chrome tabs.

Enjoy 😀



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  1. Watched your strange video while also watching a Loch Lomond documentary with salmon beating their way up river & Young dippers learning to fish & deer ruttinng (all muted) – interesting juxtaposition xx

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