Shelving a simmering rant

I’m stewing on a proper post about western responses to terrorism but I don’t have it in me tonight.

Something to do with violence begetting violence, the unreasonableness of people without imagination and literalism taken to absurd extremes.
Coupled with my own unreasonable anger at people using #pray tags, but I really don’t want to indulge hostile atheism. Here are a few links I’ve followed today

Russell brand & Waleed Aly (warning link) both have good points to make.
First Dog hits pretty close to home with the ‘hipsterisation of grief‘ dig.
I finished this piece in the September holidays last year. It solves a number of small around the desk storage issues and lifts things out of reach of infants. Looks cool too. It is holding up well for a foam core prototype held together with pins and glue. Every space in it is now in use. I would like to have it cut from perspex, timber or metal. As there are a number of angled cuts it will need to be CNC milled rather than laser cut. Unless there are laser cutters with a rotating head I have not heard of anyway. This was a fun piece to build, I’d like to make more pieces in a similar style.






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