Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

Not pictured, the white cotton gloves I was given at work to complete the look.

It was a hot day for it but there were some truly splendid costumes from the students for Theodor Seuss Geisel’s (Dr.Seuss’s) 113th birthday. In my class I had a couple of Green Eggs and Ham, 5 Things (3 ones, 1 two and a three), a One fish, and a Blue fish (Two fish and Red fish were in other classes), A fox in socks and a couple of cats in hats, including yours truly.


Other than the costumes and a special canteen lunch it was a pretty ordinary school day, but outlandish outfits certainly add colour and humour to even ordinary procedures.


Now to settle on what to dress up as for Simultaneous Story Time in May.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

  1. We like your tail, we do, we do.
    We like your hat made from feral cat.
    Did you wear it to school today?
    Did you wear it out to play?
    Did you wear it into bed?
    Did you wear it on your head?
    We like your coat, we do, we do.
    Did your class like it too?
    Did you wear it here and there?
    Were you wearing underwear?
    Is this too much information?

    Love from Fran-I-am and Green Eggs and spam

    1. Too tired for rhyming.

      It went down well (definitely the best teacher costume)
      Kids always get a kick out of effort in dress ups from teachers.

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