Put Your Hand Up

Tons of laminating, data entry, a spot of printing and some wrestling with IT systems to allow our class tele-interview with the Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove tomorrow.

My approved list of questions for the GG, chosen by the class with some additions by me and N:

What should Australia’s national dish be?
How often do you correspond with the Queen? Do you have to visit England often to do so?
What are your favourite fiction, biography and nonfiction books? (Audience is 10-12 Years old)
What did you want to be when you grew up as a child? Did you achieve that goal or what changed?
As a leader and manager of people, what techniques and strategies do you use to quickly get the measure of people?
As a leader do you have favoured techniques for quickly fostering group cohesion/unity?
What is the most interesting or enjoyable part of your job as Governor General?
Of the many medals you have earned, are there any that carry a particular emotional significance to you?
What is your morning ritual?​

Falling asleep in my seat and I’ve a maths sheet yet to modify.

I’ll leave off with this:

Which I heard played on Double J over the weekend and have had it stuck in my head since. And this lovely account of the writing process for ‘Arrival‘.


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