Everything’s Shit

So that gastro bug got me after all. Had to leave work and have a good lie down. No vomiting for me so far fortunately.

I woke to find that 2016 has gone 3 for 3 in bad election outcomes. Yay!


I take no pleasure in saying it. I told you so.

Even a day ago I thought maybe, maybe it is going to be OK. Maybe Clinton will scrape a win and actually show some spine and the dire climate trajectory we are on could be turned around.

But no. Nothing good will come of this.

For me culpability for this catastrophic fecal tsunami falls squarely on the shoulders of the DNC, The Clintons and the media that colluded with them and in turn gave so much attention to the demagogue. They brought a knife to a gun fight. They got beaten by new media, memes and fucking 4chan. This election was about antiestablishmentism and they, through collusion, media blockading and occasional outright fraud selected the most divisive and unpopular establishment democratic candidate of my lifetime. In so doing they shafted the one candidate that could not only have beaten Trump but could actually have led the fight against neoliberalism and climate change globally.

I don’t want to sound too pessimistic but at this point I honestly think another American civil war is not out of the realm of possibility. Not straight away, but when the lists start forming and the camps begin filling, when the little injustices and the overt bigotry begin to grate on people a year or two down the line. Things may¬†get very ugly indeed.

Anyway western civilisation we had a pretty good run. It is a shame but I have had a saying for years now;

“If we can’t convince our democratically elected leaders to change, we probably deserve to go extinct

It’s just a pity we will take so much of the biosphere with us, but hey evolution has time for a few more experiments before the sun expands.





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