Laundry and Sawdust

With this mountain of folding I will contend, also ironing and putting away. 

Little else accomplished today but playing with children and commencing work on my saw horses. Speaking of, I have concluded that I do not have the requisite carpentry skills and tools to produce a pair of quite this level of functional beauty.

Though I have taken some inspiration from their design to include in my own more traditional pair.

Set up both phones tethering to take advantage of Telstra’s free data day. Noticed two hours and one tenth of the monthly quota too late that one computer, despite showing connection to the its phone was still using the home internet. Curses!


Managed another sketch card last night, now more than half way through that set. Aiming to have the rest of those and the castle card done within the next three weeks. More to do tonight.


Dead green #housefly on the living room windowsill. #fly #diptera 12mm

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