Made my first weld today. In addition to much more grinding, screwing and other laborious activities that can be mistaken for innuendo.

We paved the final stretches of the paths I dug out while the earth was soft last week and began locking the paving edges in place with mud. Final touches, including the wheel braces being welded with help from my brother in-law are going on the chook tractor. Tomorrow we expect to purchase some tenants to occupy it!

Total build photo log incoming just as soon as I can find a program other than iTunes that will let me get my photos off my iphone.

First ever #weld. Much harder than some make it look. #make

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A long day in the sun has left me wrecked so I’m taking the night off from all work beyond the end of this post.



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  1. You can get Dropbox or Google Drive as an app and then move photos into there. I find that the most efficient way to move photos off a smartphone including iPhone.

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