The Man in the High Castle


Long day with a year 3/4 followed by tutoring, then boys and cooking, cleaning and bedtimes. Tomorrow I go to the land of lilliputians: Kindergarten!

New NSW Licence came today and consignment for the new laptop says delivery is likely Thursday.

Hat hair for the next five years with this license.

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Finished ‘The Man in the High Castle‘ season one a few days ago. The budget was¬†clearly pretty extraordinary and the calibre of writing and acting throughout was impressive. I have not read the Phillip K Dick original so I cannot speak to comparison except to say that even from the Wiki Synopsis it clearly differs profoundly from the source. There are some fascinating characters in play and the world is believably rendered.¬† Lots of cliffhanger episodes kept us coming back for more and I am definitely keen to see where they are taking it in season two later this year. I just hope they have a clear two to four season plan with an end in mind, as it could all to easily go off the rails if the plot were left to wander aimlessly.


Painting now and continuing to work my way through this fantastic collection of film studies.




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