A shiny new NSW license is making its way to me through the maze of rural bureaucracy. The local office can’t actually issue them, they do the paperwork, take the pic and send it all away. The card will come sometime within the next month. Until then I have a nice official looking piece of paper as my ahem, licence (they cut a hole in my QLD card). Transferring the car rego is going to be a different level of complicated. Apparently transferring rego to NSW involves initialising the vehicle in their system. That means a new blue and green slip and surrender of plates for a refund of the remaining rego, minus a fee of course.

Taught two children today for an hour each, primarily handwriting and maths today. I need to work on improving my handwriting too, going to be putting some time into that this week.


Finished and posted the two handmade cards both of which are quite late.

Planned some unrelated stuff. No card progress today though.


Started listening to ‘Three Body Problem‘ shortly after finishing Rubicon a day or two ago. A couple of hours into the former and it is engaging but getting a bit weird. If it is good at I’ll have to recommend it to a friend with a background in hard physics to see what they make of it as it is playing with some big ideas.

Rubicon‘ was amazing, I wholeheartedly recommend it. I was absolutely enthralled by Tom Holland’s telling and I am grateful to have dispelled so many of my knowledge gaps and misunderstandings about ancient Rome. I for instance did not know that Brutus was considered to have likely been one of Gaius Julius Ceasar’s bastards, nor had I, despite even reading some Cicero ever really understood how the Roman Republic had been shattered and replaced. I am now avidly seeking some more similar audio books.




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