A long day spent around the house. Unpacking seems endless. We are down to the last oddments that don’t yet quite have places they belong. We have pushed a wave of order out through the living spaces room by room. Some things in the storage area in the front of house sunroom still need repacked and sorted. 

Our desk is now set up with some pretty impressive cable management even.

My computer is working again today. Further dusting and driver updates seem to be paying off. Though I haven’t tried it on any strenuous tasks yet. 

Outside the garden beds and chook tractor are my next priority task. More paving is required to use up the bricks and render more areas safe from the cat heads.

Paid work is a key priority, tonights creative efforts are being put towards a tutoring advertisement notice for the message boards around town.

Tomorrow we will be making a trip to the farm to feed the dogs and collect building and garden supplies.

Best link today: The Edge Question.




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    1. A small portable chicken coop moved every week or so, thereby turning and fertilising one patch of garden soil after another.

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