Saturday 14th


Image by Jean Julien.

Making progress on children’s board book projects today. I have a set of three plus envisioned. All using a swap the shoes, hat or outfit from one thing to another by turning part of the pages gimmick. The first of which is roughed out but not completely scripted. A fourth book based on food has entered the mix today. Progress today in finding some more rhymes, going shopping and getting a haircut. I have not yet done any work on my reports.

While folding laundry this morning I finally got around to watching this sad and frustrating tale:

Read this:

Read this: 

I found point four in particular interesting. Amigdila involvement would in my understanding suggest reactions and process happening before and beyond control of higher brain function.


No post written today could forgo mention of the events in Paris.

What a preposterous, toxic and hostile belief system that brings people to a world view where they think murdering strangers will in any way aid their cause.

13/11 Aujourd’hui nous sommes tous français




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