Dubbo is not my favourite town. We got there and back in a day with mixed success; a number of tasks were completed but a few things, like the office chair I wanted to try sitting in and the lime tree we were hoping to plant were unavailable. We did do a massive shop at multiple stores and have laid in supplies for weeks ahead as well as many small bits and pieces that have been being missed. Our goal is to avoid purchasing anything other than regular and occasional perishables locally to avoid the paying the exorbitant Cobar tax.

Work is coming in thick and fast, another day with a kindergarten class today. Also continuing swapping rooms around, now almost complete. Big fight with my router to try and get USB storage accessible to all on the network Router 1: Kim 0. Not giving up yet though.

Yet again no painting today.


 One of many cool Barcelona street murals. A scene sorely lacking hereabouts.



A very long, wild and eventful day with a year one class and for joy I have them again tomorrow. A tutoring client and two community events attended to this evening as well. All polished off with some fantastic TV. Ep 4 of Westworld and Ep 1 of Blackmirror Season 3.

Creative work confined to an on the fly art activity and a bit of mental effort on costumes and cards.


I have sooo many graffiti pics, I may have to do a super post to share highlights from a few capitals. These vivid monsters were on a route I cycled more than once in Amsterdam.