Build VLOG

Spent the evening editing 2+ hours of footage down to this 8 min build video.

Then over an hours wait to upload.  Much to learn about framing, editing and well, carpentry.

Chicken tractor handle build:





Finished ‘The Long Utopia‘ a bit underwhelming to be honest. Glad to be back on ‘Religion for Atheists‘ More on both another night.




First attempt at ‘Vlogging’.

A day trip to the farm for L’s birthday. My apologies for the dodgy wind audio in some clips, I’ll figure out how to remove that in Auditions at some point. This five and half minute, two hundred meg video took nearly an hour to upload. I guess I cant make to much of a habit of this which is a shame as it is quite fun.





Had a lovely day celebrating L

L is 4 today, Hooray! #birthdayboy

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Back to work tomorrow and readings to do tonight for an important interview Tuesday. 





Lovely work by Paul Kelly care of American Songwriter


#bogeye #lizard safely sheparded across the highway. #reptile Tiliqua rugosa

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#beetle rescued from drowning in a trough at the farm. #coleoptera #insect #macro

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