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A frustrating, largely unproductive day. Trying children pushed patience limits from in the early morning right up until now when they are still battling bedtime despite the youngest flatly refusing to take a midday nap and being absolutely beside himself for hours. I was up at 4:50 this morning hoping to catch some shooting stars, had it been impressive I would have gotten L up too. Unfortunately the light pollution in town is pretty overwhelming so after standing about in the cold for a while I gave up and went back to bed for an hour or so before the boys woke up.

The chook tractor was 10mm too wide to get on the trailer upright. After much wrangling, some very hard lifting, the crushing of one side awning and the removal of the roof we have wrestled it on sideways. This right on dark so a photo of the damage tomorrow. The chickens are spending the evening in the laundry. The original plan of the chook tractor was made with the trailer width in mind and had plenty of room. Frustratingly the new one fell just over the limit.

Watching a film this evening creative endeavors after if at all.


Went on the hunt for some fresh children’s apps for the planes and discovered the Toca Boca library. We’ve grabbed the free Toca Kitchen 2 which is delightful as well as the $1 Toca Lab, also great. Tossing up purchasing one of the $5 apps too. Likely the Nature, Hair salon, or painting figures. All and more available for ios of course.

I’ve been using Dragonbox apps as reward activities in tutoring all are of high quality.


Always on the hunt for other entertaining and educational apps.


Oh and the Chillis are back in form


Local state government is acting like they’ve been going in for a bit of the ol’ miloko with knives in.

Ecological bankruptcy buying politics. I wish I could be in Newcastle tomorrow.

Loving on r/propagandaposters lately



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