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We’ve spent the last two days at the farm for a family gathering. The six boy cousins (3 infants, and another 3 aged 3 to 12) had an amazing time.
There were epic meals, dangerous fireworks, late nights chatting and more drinking than is strictly healthy.

I’ve squeezed in a bit of drawing each day, first pass at card thumbnail roughs are ready for review.

This afternoon I finished the first piece of paving under the hill’s hoist. Some work remains securing the edges, and locking the gaps on the curve with gravel.

Brought my laptop back from the dead again today, it overheated the night before we left for the farm and had been refusing to get past the windows loading screen. dusting and checking connections worked for it. I also brought N’s computer back to life, it had been dead on arrival as there was a loose cable inside. Her comp is still frequently randomly restarting with no error message. The work of a friend at attempting to reolve the issue prior to departing Brisbane doesn’t seem to have been a complete success unfortunately.

I’ve taken time to have a play with my $3 macro lens .
I have been stabbed, pricked, scratched, gouged and shockingly surprised by these things since arrival:

Unknown local Gecko. Approx. 10cm #macro

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Living specimen black ant locally called a ‘meat ant’ 15mm

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Petrified blue wasp 15mm

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20mm mantid

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So sticky. Approx 15cm long phasmid

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Mummified mud dauber wasp. Approx. 45mm in total length

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