Well that was certainly a long day or two now wasn’t it.

Since my last post, my family and I have loaded a truck and driven in convoy to our new home eleven hundred kilometres distant from the first. We have unpacked and shifted,  drilled, hung and assembled from morning until late at night for days on end.

We have celebrated Christmas with two ecstatic little boys and N’s very welcoming family.

During all of this I have been effectively offline. My phone which I transfered to Telstra in the days prior to the move decided the day before the big event that it would not like to play nicely with the Telstra network and has refused to do so 99% the time since. Late this afternoon after trying everything including dissembling the phone and inserting pieces of foam between the circuit boards, performing factory resets, purchasing cheap competitors sims and scouring forum posts on Ns’ phone I found what appeared to be a fix.  My delight was shortlived as I am now inexplicably unable to raise a single bar of signal with any sim and I fear there must be some fault with the phone itself. I neither want to nor can afford to purchase a new phone which compounds my distress and frustration. This post is being written on the tablet tethered to N’s phone. Home Internet will be connected at some time in the next 4 weeks. This being dependant on my burying the phone line in conduit and reattaching it to the house in coming days.

Almost all energy has been going into the unpack and setup and no small amount has already been spent on the garden in which the dominant species of ground cover is currently ‘Cathead’ burrs. We have constructed compost heaps and begun paving critical areas for the comfort and safety of both ours and our children’s feet. Two large raised garden beds made of tank rings have been positioned and partially filled and plans have been drawn up for a chook tractor. The chook tractor will have to wait for the hardware store to reopen.

I had hoped to include a bunch of pictures with this post butthey’ll have to wait. Back to daily posts as of today anyway.

Looking forward to getting stuck in to roughing out a lot of game cards over coming weeks.

Merry Christmas everybody,  with love from Cobar.



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