Good sleep and lack thereof

Yesterday we had the best sleep-in in 3 years. 8 am and not a peep out of either of our infants. By which point we were at the “should we check on them” stage.

Last night however… The worst night in months. L had a melt down about one and then F was up for almost two hours after that. I’ve been in a fog all day, in addition to the muscle ache from climbing yesterday.

A project I still haven’t taken beyond prototype.
The prototype is now a bit the worse for wear 2 years later.
I would like to take this and a few other similar ideas to production out of recycled and biodegradable materials.

My cardboard Christmas tree design:


Process shot.


This terrbily back lit shot seems to be the only one I have from the first build set that shows it assembled but not covered in decorations.


It was all about papercraft that Christmas. These papercraft polyhedra formed our basic gift to practically everyone that year.

Digitising the design is still in process. I hit a hurdle in creating an even helical shape to take slices from in the 3D programs I was using. Just the other day I think I may have found a workaround care of a project the amazing and crazy J Mantzel was working on. He is famous as the creator of a very cool toy as well as a house with a trampoline floor.



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