Best friend visited for one night all the way from Germany via Melbourne. Had to be the night of my staff Christmas party of course. Anyway today we hit Crank in Macgregor. First time out at their centre. We had a lot of fun climbing they have some good high challenging walls. We also did a spot of bouldering, slacklining, playing table tennis. I liked a couple of the unusual features they have set up like the giant rope net and straight rope. Unfortunately the straight rope had such a twist in it that by the time I was a third of the way up the safety rope was repeatedly wrapped around it and interfering.

Feeling the pain this evening for all of that, at least I seem to have kicked the little cold I had earlier in the week.

F used the potty for the first time of his own accord tonight. It may not seem much but it heralds, some time in the next 6 months, the end of nappies!

Calligraphy drills, nothing worth posting.





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